if you take at a course part – the way

a small green box – is reply a video and one tasks – With right reply of the questions, there are points

That was the treatment of a complete course – 4 Weeks – at the finishes every week there is an examination

since I have been in pension long ago – no more work follows and seeks – doesn’t always take part an examination I – with self study gives it no more examinations anyway.


If you are more than 50% with it right – receives a participation confirmation you for the course

You participate in an examination – and has over 50% right you receive a certificate – important for your employer

Like often you a course visits is left you – has not managed a course you, you also find this in the self study again or there is a second date.  In some course, there is teamwork – and to each course, it gives discussion rounds – The certificates are state, proof acknowledged for all employers

this three on-line course suppliers, the single are, where I know in Germany