why I do that

We – outside Brazil – is
stupid Gringos – has money however
so, one says in Brazil
I was from April 2001 to 2015 Marches there Therefore, this sect of the 12 million illiterates has
a Company with to Berlin Germany with brought
so that the stupid Gringoses are not alone

IT Pros – Technicians – Dr. and Professors see once away.  That is on-line a Blog of an eighty year old pensioner which Courses does. I got the idea, because me the stupid shouting from psychopaths, to listen to no longer in my surroundings, is. Idiots where screams, Internets have invented Portuguese, or since 2016 at my computers around jingles. In contrast to these psychopaths, I can show something the least.

Online IT courses – me especially makes me fun I more simultaneously my English can understand and can freshen.

If you want to Berlin Germany in order to live from vocational reasons, you must be careful where wants to live.
Don’t go district Reinickendorf into the northern part – distric Waidmannslust then that is the borough of idiots – a criminal sect with the name Assambleia de Deus.

Everything had started with Sinxlair ZX 81 once – from the time on let go me Computing no longer. Because I had two occupations in the time however and still went 2001 to Brazil then – just remained it with it. None IT education – and Brazil where I lived the poorhouse.
Only from 2016, Computing began right for me again, I had need making up 14 years – Brazil the poorhouse in matter IT for User.

Even computers newspapers had to have sent me I in Brazil from Germany – everything something I wanted to learn I learned through the Internet outside Brazil. Because the northeast Brazil and IT knowledge can forget you completely – there lives more Handy Fucker

Since 2010, a criminal sect wants to do me ready from this part of Brazil in the Internet – blockades – I still waits on these idiots where says the Internet belongs them. You have these Company idiots in the northeast Brasil and here in Berlin Germany borough Reinickendorf – Waidmannslust